About us

CARD is a new humanitarian organisation founded and registered in Liberia in May 2009. CARD is a member of The Development Consortium of Liberia. This consortium, a spinoff from the Dutch relief organization ZOA,  is continuing various projects of ZOA starting 2010 and beyond when ZOA leaves Liberia in 2011. Until then ZOA will provide support to TDC Liberia and be active in an advisory role.

CARD will responsible for projects concerning peacemaking, education and farming. Beyond that CARD will expand the projects to provide more aid to more communities. We will also develop new projects in cooperation with other organisations.

Please contact us if you wish to receive information or view the ZOA statement on CARD.

Meet the people behind CARD

If you are curious about who make CARD work then meet the people behind CARD.



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The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD expand their farmer training program in Montserrado county.

The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD have educated farmers in Montserrado County.

CARD's follow-up project for NRC evaluated as successful and effective.

CARD has funded the development of a simple website for the Calvery Orphanage Mission in Barnersville Township, Liberia, to enable them to have an Internet presence.
The Calvery Mission