Meet the people behind CARD

Edwina Taylor

Edwina TaylorEdwina is highly recommended by ZOA's management in Liberia. Born in Lamko Yekepa, Liberia, in 1972. She lived in The Netherlands for 20 years and studied economics. Now going back to her home country to help rebuild it. Her motto is "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Education is the key to a better and fruitful life".

Evelyn Kormah

Background in Agriculture and Development work. Born in Liberia. Evelyn is great at what she does and very passionate about her work and interacting with people on grassroot level. She has worked with International NGO's for years and brings with her to CARD her vast experience and knowledge on working with communities and developing their capacities. She is a strong motivator, great at awareness and assessing situations and is solution oriented.

Sam Abinon Ayaovi

Liberia Representative. Background in Economic and Management, originally from Togo Sam has vast experience at management level in both Corporate and hospitality sectors. Sam has a background in Management for 4 years, Marketing 7 years and recently in Procurement. He studied in Management Science and Accounting. He is bi lingual and knows how to keep a team motivated.

Push Lassana Akoi

Liberia Representative. Background in Accounting, Auditing and Investigation. Born in Monrovia Liberia, Push worked and studied in various countries within the West African Region. He is stead fast about his work and is result oriented based.



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The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD expand their farmer training program in Montserrado county.

The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD have educated farmers in Montserrado County.

CARD's follow-up project for NRC evaluated as successful and effective.

CARD has funded the development of a simple website for the Calvery Orphanage Mission in Barnersville Township, Liberia, to enable them to have an Internet presence.
The Calvery Mission