Continued training for farmers in Montserrado

Nursery at Mount BarclayCARD and ACDI/VOCA have expanded their training program for farmers and have selected 100 more farmers in Montserrado county to receive business/marketing skills training with the aim of improving the income of the farmers and creating the link to the markets.

The most important markets for the farmers have mainly been the communities and local markets. The income that can be generated in such a way is limited.

With improved business management and marketing skills, the farmers will be able to sell their produce to larger buyers like supermarkets. This will improve their income and livelihood.  Also, this will assist the process of reduction of malnutrition by providing much needed nutritional balance in the diets of their communities.

The main objectives are

  • to create an open environment where learning, sharing of knowledge and cooperation between farmers is encouraged
  • to open new avenues for the sales of the farmers produce and to teach the farmers how to do this themselves
  • to continually evaluate applications of new skills and techniques learned

After the workshops are completed Community Development Advisors, also using the experience gained in the first project, will be working hand in hand with the farmers on a regular basis. The CDAs will be supporting the farmers and assist them in developing a market strategy. Marketing Development Assistants will be linking the farmers to the markets opened in the first project and insuring fair price for their produce. CARD will continue to find buyers and markets for the new farmers' produce.




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The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD expand their farmer training program in Montserrado county.

The international NGO ACDI/VOCA and CARD have educated farmers in Montserrado County.

CARD's follow-up project for NRC evaluated as successful and effective.

CARD has funded the development of a simple website for the Calvery Orphanage Mission in Barnersville Township, Liberia, to enable them to have an Internet presence.
The Calvery Mission